Stylish bulletproof suit will keep you alive

From time immemorial, people have been looking for reliable protection from weapons. In ancient times, these were chain mail and armor, and with the advent of firearms, mankind had to look for new ways to save life. For a long time, there were not enough comfortable and effective body armor, but everything changed with the invention of Kevlar in the 80s of the last century. And it looks like now is the time for another technical revolution in this area. In the stylish new Bulletproof Suit, you can head straight from the battlefield to the bar.

The suit, manufactured by Garrison Bespoke in Toronto, is sewn from a special patented carbon nanotube fabric. Initially, these suits were designed for intelligence agents who performed missions in Iraq. Due to the use of new material, the suit is 50% lighter than its counterparts from Kevlar. When hit by a bullet or stabbed, the nanotubes harden and protect the person from injury.

The price of this unique armored suit is $ 20, 000, and its open testing will take place today at a presentation in Ontario.