American army training will be transferred to augmented reality

For the training of soldiers of the US Army, half a trillion dollars are annually allocated from the country's budget. But, as it turned out, soldiers can be trained even better. If they are placed in an environment that ideally simulates a serious battle, but nothing threatens their safety, this will be the ideal platform for improving their fighting skills. In addition, it will be more useful for the soldier to deal with a real rival, and not with standard computer bots.

This is a difficult task, but this is exactly the system that the US Army is preparing. The program will use augmented reality technologies that will allow the soldiers to think that they are really at the center of the battle. For more successful training, the system will simulate various combat situations with very realistic effects and excellent detail.

Naturally, the rivals will not collide in a real battle, but will be able to be at different military bases located many kilometers from each other. They will receive data on the location of the rest of the participants in the virtual battle via satellites. Ultimately, you should end up with something like a real-life version of the Call of Duty video game. The full implementation of the program is planned for 2025, when augmented reality technologies will be able to convey visual sensations in real time, as well as tactile feedback and smells.