Flying Skate from Back to the Future Coming This Year, Promises Christopher Lloyd

Most people who watched Back to the Future 2 had two desires: the DeLorean and the flying skate on which the protagonist moved. And now Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown, promises us that a wonderful skate will materialize this year. Is it true?

In support of his words, Christopher Lloyd even introduced HUVrTech, which appeared out of nowhere, and a video of several celebrities testing the hoverboard and sharing their impressions. The board, called the HUVr, has a built-in Segway-like stabilization system and can be controlled from a smartphone.

Whether the existence of a flying skateboard is real or is it just high-quality special effects and viral marketing - one can only wait and guess. Meanwhile, many are trying to find a catch. For example, Mashable says that the guy called the MIT researcher in the video is actually actor Nelson Cheng. And someone even considered the shadow of the hoverboard flying ropes.

Perhaps this has something to do with the upcoming release of the Tony Hawk video game, or has something to do with Nike's recently announced self-lacing sneakers we recently wrote about. These assumptions fit well into the release date of the flying board - December 2014, according to the official website of HUVrTech.

In the meantime, you can watch two videos with Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Moby and other celebrities testing the mysterious skate.