LG's flexible OLED display to go into mass production in the fourth quarter

LG announced the mass production of the Flexible OLED Display in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to the company, it is planned to produce 12, 000 such displays monthly.

But more interestingly, the first device with a flexible display will be a new LG smartphone, although there is still no detailed information about it. The company previously announced that it was going to release a smartphone with a flexible display, but did not specify that it would be done this year. So the intrigue and interest of users in the appearance and form factor of a smartphone with a flexible display remains.

There is also no data on the characteristics of the new displays. In particular, it is not known the working resolution and to what extent they can be bent. Only one thing is clear: the eternal confrontation between LG and Samsung will move to a new level.