JBuds Frames by JLab - unusual headphones that attach to glasses

The American audio company JLab has developed the JBuds Frames audio gadget, which consists of two modules with downward-firing speakers that are attached to the temples of glasses directly near the ears. In fact, these are headphones that can be integrated into glasses.

According to JLab, their main feature is that at the time of broadcasting, only the user of the gadget hears the sound, while the ears remain open not only for music, but also for other sounds.

JBuds Frames are IPX4 waterproof to keep them out of rain and sweat. They are equipped with buttons that allow you to adjust the volume, receive / block calls and switch equalizer settings. There is also the option of using only one of the headphones.

The battery life is more than eight hours. For greater compactness, the power supply is located separately and connected to the modules with a special cable. JBuds Frames can be purchased for $ 50.