The practical Heatbox warms food anytime, anywhere

Few people, even outside the home, will refuse hot food. The whole problem is in the absence of an electrical outlet or microwave oven nearby. The Heatbox self-contained heated container, developed by engineers from the Netherlands, will help to solve this problem.

The Heatbox consists of a 20 ml water tank, under which there is a heating element with a power supply. A stainless steel food container is installed on top of the container, which is closed with a thin lid. There is another bamboo outdoor sealed cover. It ensures that the contents of the container do not leak out.

To activate the Heatbox, fill the inner container with water, place a metal container with food in it, close tightly with both lids and press the heating button. Within 8-12 minutes, the water will boil, turn into steam, which will heat the food without drying it out. The exhaust steam is discharged to the outside through two exhaust valves.

Using the iOS / Android app, the user can choose the optimal operating mode - low, medium or high heating level. The built-in battery guarantees one and a half hours of operation.

Heatbox is currently a successful Indiegogo product and can be purchased for $ 150. The start of deliveries is scheduled for the middle of the year.