Pleco smart water clock optimizes water consumption in the home

At CES 2021, the Californian startup Nudge Systems presented a water flow controller for housing in the form of a "smart water watch" Pleco Smart Water Watch. Their main feature is that the device is mounted over a standard water meter, without installation in the system and breaking the seals. The device does not even come into contact with water.

The principle of operation of the Pleco Smart Water Watch is based on the device of vane water meters, inside of which there is a movable element rotating in a stream of water. It contains a magnetic insert for communication with the dial unit. The sensor inside the smartwatch reacts to fluctuations in this magnetic field, and patented algorithms use the received data to determine the nature of the water flow in real time.

Knowing the speed, duration, pumped volume of liquid and the time of the procedure, the water clock can correlate this data with specific actions, such as washing dishes or watering plants. And in the future, collect statistics and analyze the efficiency of water use in the household. They are also able to detect leaks or malfunctions in household appliances that use water. The Pleco Smart Water Watch connects to the home Wi-Fi network and transmits all information to the app on the owner's smartphone.

The Pleco Smart Water Watch is priced at $ 249, plus you need to subscribe for data transfer and processing in the amount of $ 5 per month.