Enterprising engineers invented a hybrid of a game console and a Rubik's cube

Imagine for a second that you managed to cross a handheld game console and a Rubik's cube. As strange as it sounds, such a device already exists - this is the WowCube, and it has just received the prestigious CES 2021 Innovation Award.

The gadget was invented by father and son Savva and Ilya Osipov. It is shaped like a cube with four color IPS displays on each side (24 in total). Inside, there are eight processors and an accelerometer. Like a regular Rubik's cube, different segments can be rotated, constantly changing the relative position of the screens. But the capabilities of the device are not limited to this. Various games can be loaded into it via Bluetooth by changing the images on the displays. The games themselves are a combination of segment rotations and WowCube shakes, there is no need to click on the screens and there are no buttons here.

For the cube, applications for word games, puzzles, mazes and several arcades have already been developed. WowCube has an open API that allows third party developers to create their own games. The cube can also be used for practical purposes - it can display a variety of information. For example, date, weather and time.

The device measures 70x70 mm on each edge and weighs only 335 grams. One charge of the built-in battery is enough for eight hours of continuous operation. WowCube's pricing will be announced at the upcoming CES.