Inflatable pants will save the legs of a motorcyclist in the event of an accident

Since the early 2000s, many companies have tried to develop motorcycle airbags. According to statistics, the most serious injuries to motorcyclists occur in the upper half of the body, but more common are in the lower half. One of the solutions to this problem is offered by the French company CX Air Dynamics.

Her design is special pants that are worn over casual wear. They require a small can of gas to work, which fits in a pocket on their thigh, and a short cord that the rider attaches to his motorcycle.

In fact, pants do two different things. First, they should instantly inflate in the event of an accident, protecting the wearer from fractures and even ordinary bruises. And secondly, they must be comfortable enough so that you can really ride in them. The pants are made of gas (and therefore air) impermeable, and this can be a problem in warm weather. That being said, do not forget that the owner of the pants is essentially tying himself to the motorcycle. If he quickly jumps off the steel horse, forgetting to unfasten, he will receive an unexpected test of the effectiveness of his emergency pants.

But despite some nuances, this is an extremely useful development. The pants from CX Air Dynamics are now available in three sizes and can be pre-ordered with a 25% discount from € 500. The start of deliveries is expected in March next year.