Board game fans will soon have their own console

The French company Wizama has developed a special console, SquareOne, for board game lovers. Basically, it's a huge digital display that changes depending on the game you've loaded into it. The console can track and recognize the individual cards, dice rolls, and pieces you use to play.

SquareOne is a kind of hybrid between a computer and a board game, combining the best qualities of both. Compared to regular games, the console offers significant advantages - online play, dynamic learning and the ability to save the game to continue it at a later time.

The only drawback is that the console appeared quite recently and still supports a very small number of games. Now the main range of SquareOne is air hockey, Snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers and Ludo. These are very simple games that lack the depth of tabletop classics like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride.

However, this situation will change very soon. Wizama has entered into an agreement with Ravensburger, a German board game publisher, that will allow the company to significantly expand its product range. Urban Rivals and Cthulhu Wars are already being ported to the console, and in 2021 Wizama will open access to SquareOne for independent developers.

The company is now raising funds to launch SquareOne on Kickstarter, with the console expected to hit the market next year. The pre-order console starts at € 499.