Folding iPhone may arrive in 2022

The Chinese edition of the Economic Daily News published a note that Apple is working hard to create a model of a foldable smartphone. The source of information was leaks from suppliers of components for the company's devices in China. In particular, it is reported that the main contractor of Yabloko, Foxconn, has already manufactured a series of prototypes and is actively testing them.

Rumors about Apple's intention to release a foldable version of the iPhone appeared back in 2017, after the corresponding patent was issued. More recent leaks point to a likely release date of September 2022, which means there will be at least one more generation of iPhones before the world is shown a clamshell smartphone. This is consistent with the data of Chinese laboratories and factories, whose workers hint at the desire of the Cupertinians to get the most reliable product. Therefore, the developers are in no hurry.

According to rumors, right now there is a selection of screens and hinges suitable for the foldable model. Apple requirements - each node must withstand at least 100, 000 open-close. There are objective doubts that current OLED screens and micro-LEDs will cope with this task, and therefore Foxconn needs to conduct tests as soon as possible so that there is enough time to select or develop alternatives.