Xiaomi's new 80-watt wireless adapter will charge a smartphone in 19 minutes

One of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers, the Chinese Xiaomi Corp. reported on work on new wireless chargers. Next in line is the 80-watt model, which is capable of charging a 4000 mAh battery by 50% in 8 minutes and fully in 19 minutes.

Xiaomi's previous achievement is the 50W charger for the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, which fully charges its 4500 mAh battery in 40 minutes. In turn, Xiaomi's competitor, the Chinese company ORRO, has presented its own version of the 65 W charger with a full charge time of a 4000 mAh battery in 30 minutes. However, this technology has not yet been commercialized.

Xiaomi has not yet announced the start of sales of the new product, however, that it is not far off, there is no doubt. Over the past two years, the company has been delivering phones with increasingly advanced versions of charging protocols to the market with enviable regularity. Suffice it to recall that the Mi 10 Ultra went on sale just two months ago.