The soft Newton-Rider helmet instantly hardens on impact

Many bicycle owners prefer to go without protective helmets while riding, considering them clumsy and bulky. The Danish helmet from Newton-Rider intends to completely refute these established beliefs.

The inside of the Newton-Rider is lined with a flexible stretch liner connected to the outside, which consists of a proprietary combination of viscoelastic materials and non-Newtonian fluid. Their unique advantage is that at the moment of a strong blow, they instantly become thick and resilient.

The helmet is only 16 mm thick. For comparison, similar styrofoam helmets are twice as thick - from 30 to 35 mm. The Newton-Rider weighs 460 grams.

In an accident, the helmet plates instantly harden at the impact site, absorbing most of the energy that would otherwise fall on the cyclist's head. However, some time after the impact, the filler returns to its original softened state.

The Newton-Rider helmet fully complies with European and American safety standards EN 1078 and CPSC. It also integrates an NFC chip, with which the company identifies the owners of helmets in order to then provide them with discounts or other bonuses.

The helmet can be ordered on Indiegogo with a $ 80 deposit. The estimated retail price will rise to $ 115.