Cornell has developed headphones that can understand a person's facial expressions

C-Face - the so-called unusual headphones, developed by scientists at Cornell University, which, in addition to the main function, have the ability to "spy" on the user's expression. At the same time, even the familiar protective mask does not bother them.

The principle of C-Face is to capture the contours of the cheeks and then convert the user's facial expression to emoji. Thanks to an unusual new feature, users will be able to share their emotions with each other when making group calls, even with the camera turned off.

The function of fixing emotions at the moment of contraction of the facial muscles is performed by RGB cameras fixed under each ear. Then the machine vision system with AI elements comes into play, which reconstructs the image, and the neural network, after analyzing the 2D image, converts it into 42 reference points corresponding to a certain expression on the user's face.

The gadget converts these facial expressions into eight emojis, including those depicting a neutral and angry mood. The system can also use facial cues to control playback options in music applications.