16-year-old has created smart glasses that are cheaper and more efficient than Google models

Young inventor Mars Kapadia from Gilbert, Arizona (USA) is only 16 years old, of which he spent the last year and a half developing his own version of smart glasses. The source of inspiration for him was the intelligent system E.D.I.T.H. from films about Tony Stark, but the teenager reasonably criticized models from famous brands. And so I decided to go my own way.

Structurally, the glasses are very simple: Mars attached a screen, a battery, a Bluetooth module for communication with a smartphone and an Arduino Nano Every mini-computer to a reinforced bow. The total cost of the device is about $ 200. The Arduino chip controls the peripheral interface, it is needed to generate an image and display it on the screen. All control is carried out via a smartphone, for which Kapadia has slightly modified existing open source applications.

A TOLED plate is used as a screen. It's almost completely transparent, so Mars added a hinge mechanism and the usual dark glass from glasses to lower it and create a background for the screen. The glasses do not have a camera, no sensors, this is just an information board, but in the current version it has the functionality of a “smart watch”. According to Kapadia himself, he spent hundreds of hours of tests running and walking around the city in his glasses, and they almost replaced his smartphone as a means of accessing information.

In the near future, the inventor plans to patent the development so that the labor does not go to waste. Then he intends to focus on developing software for his glasses - for example, developing an application for builders so that they can see maps and diagrams even with their hands busy with the tool. And then - the creation of a full-fledged AI assistant, like that of Tony Stark!