Snare protection system will create problems for "parcel pirates"

In the United States, the problem of "mail order piracy" is widespread. Americans widely use systems for delivering goods to the front door - which is actively used by thieves. Parcels remain unattended for a long time and are not protected by anything. However, even with minor hindrances, thieves generally prefer to retreat in search of easier prey. Canadian inventor Dennis Evans has developed a simple Snare device that is designed to create such problems for thieves.

Snare consists of two parts - a stainless steel bracket that attaches securely to a wall or other surface, and a main assembly, which is a rubber-coated seven-wire aviation cable, which in turn is locked with a key.

According to the shipping instructions provided by the user when ordering the item, the courier places the bag in a loop and then tightens the cable tightly. It cannot be weakened until the owner unlocks the Snare with their key.

Of course, you shouldn't exaggerate the reliability of the Snare. If desired, the cable can be cut with a bolt cutter. And an even easier way is to open the cardboard box with the package and take out its contents. But the less determined thieves will almost certainly be scared off by Snare. The device can already be ordered on Kickstarter for $ 51. In the future, its price may rise to $ 75.