VSSL First Aid Mini Set: 40 Survival Items

Canadian gear manufacturer VSSL has unveiled a compact 18cm first aid kit that holds over 40 wildlife survival items, including treatments for multiple injuries.

The VSSL First Aid Mini is a cylindrical container that secures the contents with screw caps at both ends. Inside can be stacked round mini-jars, which contain various first aid equipment.

One can contain antiseptic wipes, bandages and a patch to close wounds, another can hold tweezers, pins, a blade, medical gloves and an emergency whistle, and cans can hold callus plasters, pain relievers, burn cream, and disposable thermometers.

The VSSL First Aid Mini waterproof container is made of high-strength aluminum. Its weight is 280 g, length - 17.1 cm and width - 5 cm. Price - 70 US dollars.