A technology for producing gasoline from air has been developed

The authors of the development are engineers of the newly created company Liquid Light. During the presentation, a plant was presented that converts carbon dioxide into ethylene glycol - a raw material widely used for the production of fuel.

The developed technology makes it possible to reduce the cost of producing a ton of raw materials to $ 125, which is 5 times less than similar costs when using hydrocarbons - oil and gas. In addition, the unique installation can successfully consume carbon dioxide from the chimneys of enterprises.

The device consists of several square metal plates 90 cm wide, spaced a few centimeters apart. The whole process is based on catalytic reactions. Initially, a two-carbon oxalate molecule from carbon dioxide is formed on one electrode, after which, with the help of other catalysts, reactions are initiated with the formation of ethylene glycol, from which, as is known, liquid fuel can be produced.

This technology makes it possible to successfully utilize the greenhouse gases that heat our planet. In fact, a CO 2 cycle is created in nature: from the spent fuel - into the atmosphere, and from there - back into the fuel. However, since the production process is not yet sufficiently developed, there are many technical difficulties for its industrial implementation.