Research team creates artificial muscles from fishing line

A team of researchers from universities in South Korea, China, Turkey, Canada and Australia have found that powerful artificial muscle fibers can be created from ordinary nylon-coated polymer fishing line. The resulting artificial muscles are incredibly strong, elastic and capable of withstanding loads up to 100 times the capacity of human muscles.

You can even create a simple muscle from a fishing line with an ordinary drill. To do this, you need to fix one end of the fishing line, and attach the other to the tool and twist the fishing line until a uniform spiral is formed. To force a muscle to work, it is enough to heat or cool the coil, as a result of which it contracts or straightens. The change in temperature can be achieved by electric current, light, or chemical action.

It should be noted that this is far from the first experience in the creation of artificial organs in the laboratory. More recently, specialists from the United States have succeeded in creating an artificial analogue of the lungs. According to the creators of artificial muscles, in the future they will provide irreplaceable assistance to those who wear prostheses and exoskeletons.