A computer that you put on your finger can read books aloud

Today there are many different technologies that allow blind and visually impaired people to read. However, their common disadvantage is low mobility and imperfection, which is why text recognition occurs in several stages.

A computer that is worn on a finger - FingerReader will help to solve this problem. It was developed by the Fluid Interfaces Group. It is a compact text reader that the visually impaired or the blind can carry with them at all times. It can also be used as a translation tool from one language to another.

A computer finger scans a text string, recognizes it and converts it to sound. It also captures the end and beginning of the next line, and a special algorithm helps the user to keep the finger moving strictly along the line of text.

Perhaps to some users of the gadget, the voice will seem somewhat unusual and even sluggish. This is not surprising, since this is the voice of a robot, which is quite often used in audiovisual applications designed for people with vision problems.