"Smart" glasses will help blind people to navigate in space

Developed by Oxford scientists, smart glasses can help thousands of blind people. The help will consist in converting visual information into images that are more understandable for them.

Often, even those people who are called blind can perceive light spots and distinguish movement, but with insufficient sharpness and quality to fully perceive the world around them. By modifying the image, glasses will enable people with limited vision to see the world more colorfully and clearly.

The glasses have a built-in camera, an onboard gyroscope, a compass, a GPS system, and an infrared projector for determining distances. The data collected by these systems is processed and displayed on the screen using OLED LEDs. As a result, the user receives an image with the required level of color, clarity and contrast - depending on the level of vision. This means that the glasses will be able to select certain parts of the image, making them cleaner, or making them stand out from the general background.

The project has already won a £ 50, 000 grant from the Royal Society to help transform the development into a real product that benefits people.