Intel is preparing a 3D camera for computers and laptops

Renowned American chipmaker Intel has confirmed that it is developing new control technology for 3D cameras. He announced his interest in 3D interaction this winter at the International Consumer Electronics Show Computex 2013.

Intel representatives said that the company plans to replace the usual laptop webcams with modern 3D cameras in the near future. New 3D technology will allow computers to better understand their users and bring interactivity in games to the next level. In addition, "machines" will be able to distinguish between emotions and user behavior and track eye movements, which will make them indispensable for long-term work with a large amount of documentation, as well as when reading.

It is reported that the necessary algorithms and technologies for the operation of a 3D camera already exist, but require some improvement. The first three-dimensional cameras in laptops and computers will appear in the second half of next year, after which they will begin to be built into tablets and smartphones.