We Are Rewind gadget revives good old cassette players

Vinyl records, seemingly irrevocably gone into the past, have experienced a "rebirth" in the hands of DJs. According to the entrepreneur Romen Budruch and his partners, the good old cassette player is no less worthy of reincarnation - however, taking into account modern technological realities.

To create the We Are Rewind device, Budruch's team was inspired by watching nostalgic films from the 80s and television series like Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things.

We Are Rewind is roughly the same size and shape as the earlier push-button Sony Walkman. Like them, the modern player plays cassettes in stereo.

From the XXI century We Are Rewind "got" an all-aluminum case and Bluetooth, with which you can play music through a third-party speaker or wireless headphones.

Unlike most cassette players from the 80s, We Are Rewind can also be used to record music onto a blank cassette tape. And instead of replaceable AA batteries, it is powered by a built-in lithium battery. One charge lasts for 10 hours.

You can purchase We Are Rewind on Kickstarter with a donation of around $ 100. Its retail price will already be $ 145.