Dyson patented unusual headphones with air filter function

A well-known manufacturer of extremely unusual household appliances (vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, air purifiers), the British company Dyson has patented a new outlandish product - headphones with an air filter function. However, perhaps we are talking, on the contrary, about an air filter with a headphone function.

Based on the description available, unlike most existing air purifiers, which completely cover the respiratory system, the Dyson product leaves the face open, while the air supply must be carried out through an additional headband located in front of the face. The air purification motor is integrated into the ear cups. Rotating at a speed of 12 thousand rpm. it drives up to 1.4 liters of air per second through the system.

The second half of the device - headphones equipped with an active noise cancellation system - are not much different from their many counterparts.

According to experts, the received patent does not mean its quick implementation in real "hardware". Apparently, the catastrophic rates of air pollution in many megacities suggest the need to create and patent such unusual devices in advance.