This unique virtual reality headset was designed for NASA

VRgineers has unveiled an improved model of its atypical virtual reality headset at CES 2020. It retained the former name XTAL, but now it outputs a picture in 8K resolution. According to the developers, there is nothing like this in the world yet.

The main task of the engineers was not to get the most beautiful picture, but the most detailed and reliable one. For example, the ability to read the letters on the keyboard at the next table or the exact readings of all the instruments when it comes to simulating the cockpit of a spacecraft. This is not a toy, not a gadget for entertainment, but a serious tool developed in the interests of the military and NASA.

In addition to high image quality, it has outstanding rendering capabilities, a mixed reality engine and enhanced lenses that provide a solid 180-degree field of view. The headset uses Leap Motion sensors, has a mechanism for tracking the position of the user's eyes, and supports voice and gesture commands. It is problematic to evaluate them, since they brought specially limited functionality for VR applications to the exhibition - some secrets of XTAL cannot be disclosed.

The XTAL 8K headset will not be available commercially, and with a $ 8, 000 price tag, it would be problematic. The device is not intended for commercial use, it is a remote training tool for new professionals. Previous versions are already in service with the Pentgon and NASA.