When leaving for work, assign your dog to the virtual trainer Go Dogo

Go Dogo is a home entertainment and training system for dogs that can teach them various basic obedience commands such as sit and lie down. And she will do it in the absence of the owner.

Go Dogo consists of two units: a food dispenser, which attaches to the wall above the TV and connects to it via HDMI, and a side camera, which monitors the dog's reaction to images on the screen.

After starting a training session via a smartphone app, the virtual instructor will call the dog up to the TV, ask him to perform a few simple commands, and then gradually complicate the tasks.

If the dog obeys Go Dogo commands, it receives an award along with positive visual and auditory feedback. The smartphone app can also schedule training and track your dog's progress through training.

The creators of Go Dogo intend to launch a crowdfunding campaign to bring their creation to the US market and begin shipping by the end of 2020.