The compact Egret gadget effectively destroys bacteria using ordinary water and salt

A team from China has developed an Egret household appliance for disinfecting the home, as well as vegetables and fruits, using electrolyzed water (EO-water).

According to the creators of the device, it uses a salt water solution through which electricity is passed. As a result, a liquid is formed that destroys up to 99, 95% of viruses and microbes. It literally tears apart the outer shells of bacteria.

In terms of its effectiveness, EO-water is comparable to traditional cleaning agents and, equally important, reduces the amount of plastic containers used for these products.

To start the Egret, all you have to do is fill its reservoir with tap water, add sodium chloride (sodium chloride) and turn on the power for one minute. The device needs three minutes to achieve the desired disinfection effect.

Egret is suitable for cleaning most households and objects, including kitchens, bathrooms, clothes, carpets, furniture, shoes and even individual vehicle components. EO-water is non-toxic, completely safe - even bottles for infant formula can be sterilized with it.

Egret comes with a USB charging cable. The device is currently available on Kickstarter for $ 109. In the future, its price will increase to $ 219. The start of deliveries is scheduled for April.