Atmos Faceware Says Clean Air Becomes an Expensive Perk

Air pollution problems are growing. Scientists are particularly concerned about large-scale forest fires in Siberia, California and Australia, as a result of which thousands of tons of harmful particles enter the atmosphere.

At the traditional CES-2020 exhibition that opened in Las Vegas, American startup Ao Air unveiled the Atmos Faceware transparent face shield. This is an innovative respirator that not only protects the respiratory system, but is also positioned ... as a fashion accessory at the price of $ 350.

Already certified by the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), this product is intended primarily for use in highly polluted areas. According to the developers of Atmos Faceware, the unusual mask protects the respiratory organs better than traditional respirators.

The big advantage of Atmos Faceware is that it doesn't require a snug fit. Even long hair or sweat does not interfere with safe breathing.

According to a press release from Ao Air, "Our transparent design rests on the bridge of the nose, allowing other people to see your face, including your smile."

The complete $ 350 kit includes Atmos Faceware itself with four additional filters.