Wearable Inupathy Sensor Tells How Your Dog Is Feeling

Despite the fact that dog breeders love to brag about their level of understanding with their pets, and the animals themselves have been close to humans for about 32, 000 years, it is still not easy to recognize the emotions of dogs. A new device from the category of wearable electronics called Inupathy is designed to solve this problem.

Inupathy is a combination of a heart rate monitor and a microprocessor that analyzes a dog's heartbeat pattern. To do this, the electronic part is mounted on a harness produced in five sizes, which is suitable for dogs from Chihuahuas to St. Bernard. When the dog is emotionally uplifted, the heart rate increases, which is indicated by Inupathy via the LED display at the top.

The device itself recognizes only three states of the animal. The green signal means calmness, the red signal is an obvious alarm, iridescent, in the rainbow spectrum - the presence of certain positive emotions. For a detailed decryption, the heart rate data must be transmitted to a smartphone application, which will assess the current mood of the dog. In theory, this will help improve human-animal interaction.

There is no data yet on the cost and start of sales of Inupathy.