Baseus small docking station turns smartphone into desktop computer

The Chinese brand Baseus has introduced a new docking station model for Android gadgets, which is also a hub for connecting peripherals. With its help, you can expand the capabilities of your smartphone to the level of at least a laptop. At the same time, the gadget is still charging, and its price tag is very pleasing - for $ 38 you can experiment.

The main function of Baseus is to connect additional memory and a monitor to a smartphone so that it is more convenient to work with it in a desktop format. The docking station allows you to simultaneously connect 3 USB devices of any type - be it a separate keyboard, external storage, printer or special equipment.

Baseus dock is officially compatible with Huawei Mate, P series, Samsung S series and Note family. The only drawback is that there is no wireless charging technology, so to charge the smartphone itself, you will have to use some of the functionality, which limits its use as a computer.