Apple's fantastically expensive Pro Display XDR can only be cleaned with a special "nano cloth"

Apple's newest display, Pro Display XDR, has attracted the attention of users around the world with an unusual requirement. The accompanying documentation for it contains a categorical prohibition to wipe the screen with any object, except for the reusable napkin made of special cloth supplied with it. According to the company, this is necessary in order to preserve the precious "nano-texture" coating of the screen.

What it is, Apple explains rather vaguely, referring to a trade secret. In a simplified form, a kind of coating is applied to the glass of the screen "at the nanometer level", which gives it the property of a matte surface and excludes the appearance of glare. Thus, it improves contrast and overall picture quality.

According to Apple, this coating is so delicate and vulnerable that ordinary microfiber cloths for wiping the screen are not suitable, for this you need an equally delicate "nano-cloth". True, it itself can be washed in plain water and with an ordinary cleaning agent, but then, according to the instructions, it will take at least 24 hours to dry. And Apple has not yet explained what to do if the napkin goes bad? At least the company was kind enough to include one in the box ($ 4, 999).