CrunchCup helps you eat healthy food on the go

The favorite morning food for many in the 21st century is cereal with milk. At the same time, one of the pressing problems of all people in the world is the lack of time in the morning for all the obligatory rituals. Many people solve it by sacrificing a full breakfast. Startup CrunchCup is set to change everything.

The question of giving up cereals with milk in favor of sandwiches, thick porridge or cottage cheese casserole is not even raised. But cereal with milk is not suitable for the role of food that can be eaten while driving or on the run, because there is a high probability of spilling everything and getting dirty. At the same time, a suitable solution has long been found - look at coffee glasses with a lid and a straw. Question: how to adapt the technology for milk flakes? And this is where CrunchCup comes in.

Structurally, CrunchCup consists of two containers, the contents of which do not mix with each other. Pour milk into the lower one, pour dry flakes into the upper one. The upper container is attached to the lower one with a simple threaded connection to ensure tightness. She herself is also equipped with a lid so that the flakes do not crumble.

To eat, you need to bring the CrunchCup to your mouth and tilt it - milk will pour through its small opening, flakes will fall through its own to mix in your mouth. One movement, one sip. Nothing dampens, does not soak into an unappetizing gruel, does not spill by. Just $ 19.95 to eat your favorite morning meal on the go!