The little GripBeats gadget lets you create music with a wave of your hand

The joint project of the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology "GripBeats" has spawned a new type of digital musical instrument. Its purpose is to translate the user's gestures into music. Basically, GripBeats uses a musician's hand movements to trigger notes, samples, melodies and effects using special software.

GripBeats looks like a smartwatch for wearing on the wrist, but it has a strap with pressure sensors - there are 32 of them. It also has a 9-axis motion sensor, which allows the device to accurately record the position and movement of the musician's hand and all fingers individually. It is enough to show that you are playing a drum, guitar or saxophone for the system to recognize the gestures and begin to voice them.

For the convenience of users, there is an LED feedback system combined with a vibration module for better control of the rhythm of the music. Multiple GripBeats can be combined into an orchestra to play complex compositions together, with a specific device assigned to a separate role. The gadget is compatible with most music applications for smartphones, but also has its own software. The device is priced at $ 99 and will go on sale in May 2020.