Small gadget SwitchBot Curtain will turn ordinary curtains into a smart home element

Smart electric curtains, which can already be found on sale, are still not without drawbacks: they need to be connected to a power source and are rather difficult to install. The new SwitchBot Curtain is self-contained and can be attached to conventional curtains.

The idea is very simple. Users simply attach the SwitchBot Curtain to the outside of the curtain rail and can then move it in the desired direction using a powered rubber roller to adjust the curtain position. The gadget is adapted to different types of guides, including telescopic rods with protrusions at the points of contact.

Using the corresponding iOS / Android apps, users can configure the device to move the curtains on a predefined schedule or in real time. The SwitchBot Curtain also opens the curtains when its built-in light sensor detects sunrise and closes at dusk. In addition, it can close the curtains during the day, protecting the room from the summer heat.

To activate the device without an app, simply pull the curtain slightly. There is also a remote control option for SwitchBot Curtain with a remote control.

According to the developers, the gadget's lithium-ion battery lasts for eight months. However, this period can be extended by connecting an additional solar mini-panel to it.

The SwitchBot Curtain is already available on Kickstarter for $ 49, which is half the planned retail price. If successful, the delivery promotion campaign will begin in April 2020.