Fancy HiiDii Glasses can be used instead of a computer mouse

The HiiDii Glasses device is intended for those who are constantly busy with their hands, or have other difficulties with their use, which interferes with using a classic computer mouse. Instead, the authors of the idea propose to transfer its functions to special glasses in order to control the cursor in applications by moving the head and eyes. Interestingly, glasses can be anything, HiiDii is a frame with equipment, into which you can insert any lenses, both with and without diopters.

If other gadgets of a similar type track the movements of the pupil, then in HiiDii Glasses on the bridge of the glasses there is a sensor of skin twitching, which accompanies the closure of the eyelids. The developers assure that the system distinguishes between random gestures and targeted commands, although when working with glasses, you will have to concentrate. Gyroscopes are installed in the arms that analyze head movements.

A single blink of the eyes is interpreted as a mouse click and triggers a corresponding reaction in the operating system. Two flashes - double click, rapid flashing is identical to pressing and holding a button. If you tilt or move your head at the same time, the cursor will drag the selected object. It remains to blink again and the selection will be deselected.

The set of commands is small, but it is quite enough for working in Windows OS, with office applications, in the browser and in some games. HiiDii Glasses are also compatible with Mac OS, Android, smartphones and tablets. The battery provides up to 10 hours of operation on a single charge. The price of points at the stage of collecting investments is $ 69.