BRÜ - the Swiss perfect tea making machine

The new BRÜ kitchen appliance is aimed at true tea lovers. For those who want to always get the best quality drink, but are not ready to spend too much time on it. First of all, the developers made their device universal - it can brew any kind of tea, in any form, leaves or in bags. BRÜ does not need special expensive capsules, the machine works with what is loaded into it.

BRÜ is able to analyze the composition of the product, select and maintain the correct water temperature, dosage and strength of the drink in accordance with the user's preferences. The authors of the startup guarantee the extraction of the maximum of useful substances from the raw materials, while the apparatus is very easy to clean. He does it himself, passing water through the infusion chamber so that all the tea, down to the last drop, is in the cup.

Being a smart machine in the spirit of the times, BRÜ contains sensors for monitoring key parameters. Operation will not start if there is not enough water in the reservoir or the lid is not closed, and if no cup is found, the machine will not pour the finished tea. It analyzes the status of its modules and can inform when it is time to add water or clean the brewing chamber.

Another useful function is to brew tea at a strictly defined temperature. The machine creates a standard brew, but in a smaller amount, in proportion to the capacity of the mug and the desired temperature. Then he dilutes the infusion with cold water and serves a drink, cooling the boiling water to a comfortable 20 ℃ in a few seconds. BRÜ's Kickstarter fundraising cost is $ 96.