The tiny Hero beacon will call for help anywhere in the world for free

British startup Infinite Media Dynamics has created a rescue gadget with the catchy name "Hero" that can send a distress signal anywhere in the world. It is enough to click a single button. "Hero" is connected to the international system Cospas Sarsat, which is funded by the governments of different countries, and is absolutely free for users.

This means that the Hero operates without GPS, internet access or mobile communications, and the rescue team can use the beacon's signal for precise targeting. Yes, it will take time for the focal point to contact the nearest group and refer them to you. In addition, the center's specialists will notify the victim's proxies, listed in a pre-compiled list.

If the user is immobilized, "Hero" will turn on itself if its sensors detect a strong impact, a long stay in water or motionless. To avoid false alarms, the ball will warn the user and give him 49 seconds to cancel the signal. Moreover, this can be done from a distance of up to 100 m, from a smartphone - as well as remotely turn on "Hero". It also has a strobe and buzzer to help locate the injured owner.

The device is sealed and waterproof up to a depth of 65 m, operates in the temperature range of -55 ° to 70 ° C, and the battery will last for 24 hours after switching on or 10 years without activation. The beacon weighs only 65 grams, has the size of a small salt shaker and currently costs $ 190.