Snapchat 3 camera glasses let you take photos and videos in 3D

Snap has released the third version of the glasses with integrated cameras, of which there are now two. Thanks to this, a stereoscopic effect is achieved - based on images from two cameras, you can get a three-dimensional picture with a full depth effect. All work, as before, is carried out through the application in the smartphone, with which the glasses are synchronized wirelessly.

The glasses received a new durable stainless steel frame in several shades, including sand and charcoal black. When you turn on the recording, the cameras are highlighted - this is done so that no one can discreetly shoot you, standing right in front of you. The glasses software uses elements of augmented reality, allowing you to add different objects or characters from films and cartoons to the frame.

The glasses have 4 GB of memory, which is enough to record 1200 photos or 100 videos. Battery life is not reported, but it is stated that the glasses charger can store energy for four recharges. At the same time, for some reason, the new version of the glasses ceased to be waterproof, and therefore it is not very clear why the price tag rose from the previous $ 150 to $ 380. The glasses will begin shipping this fall.