Coosno - high-tech smart coffee table

It would seem, how can you combine two such concepts as "high technology" and "coffee table"? However, what was impossible in the 20th century becomes reality in the 21st.

The Coosno coffee table can be called that very conditionally, since we have something equipped with a mini-refrigerator, voice control, Google Home support and many other functions. So in a "quiet" state, Coosno is able to wirelessly charge two mobile devices, however, the table itself must be connected to the network.

Surely the novelty will appeal to music lovers: from their smartphones they will be able to wirelessly switch the broadcast to the Coosno stereo system with six speakers. At the same time, a display of 288 LEDs built into the table surface will complement the music with pulsating combinations of 160, 000 colors.

If users feel thirsty, then using a voice command, they can tell the table to open the refrigerator located under the surface of the table: the table top rises and opens access to the rotating refrigerator, which can accommodate up to 68 cans of various drinks and snacks.

Using Google Home, users can also ask the table weather questions and control home devices remotely. Voice commands can be changed using a special application for iOS / Android, with which you can open / close the refrigerator, control music, and adjust the light.

Coosno is available on Indiegogo in two sizes. The smaller model is available for $ 299. The estimated retail price is $ 799. The larger model will cost $ 399 and $ 999 respectively. If the company proves successful, Coosno will go on sale in February 2020.