This small wearable gadget generates energy when you walk.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed a wearable device that generates energy when walking, and can recharge smartphones and other small electronics. An important nuance - it does not create an additional burden on a person, does not burden him. You just need to move.

The idea is based on the fact that slow walking is the easiest way to move the human body, which occurs with minimal energy loss. At the same time, most of the movements are performed by the knee joint, on which the Chinese engineers have fixed the 307-gram energy generator. One part of it is above the knee, the second is below, they are connected to each other by a movable piston - such a system converts the rotational motion of the knee into a linear one.

Attached to the piston is a carbon fiber strip that generates energy when deformed by the pressure of the piston. The power of the system is 1.6 μW at a walking speed of 2 to 6.5 km / h. This is not enough for recharging the quadcopter, but it is quite enough for a GPS tracker or fitness bracelet. Most importantly, many hours of testing showed minimal discomfort for the volunteers who tested the device.

So far, this is a prototype that has not gone beyond the laboratory. For testing in the field, Chinese inventors want to create several versions: for climbers, military and athletes. All of them walk a lot by occupation and at the same time use advanced electronic devices.