The Scubapro will provide each diver with a personal HUD display

The Californian company Scubapro has unveiled its version of the information projected display for divers - Galileo HUD Mask-Mounting Dive Computer. In 2017, a French startup Thalatoo tried to market the Maoi, a diving mask with an integrated screen. The Scubapro variant is interesting in that it is not tied to a specific mask, but is compatible with most of the company's range.

HUD-display for divers is a small LED screen, which is located above and to the side of the eyes, without interfering with the view, but the image from it is projected into the peripheral vision of the person. You don't need to move your arms or head, just squint your gaze to see all the useful information. Subjectively, it is perceived as a virtual screen "hovering" in front of you at arm's length.

Galileo Scubapro works in any light at depths of up to 120 m. The screen is housed in a case with neutral buoyancy, the charge of lithium-ion batteries will last for 20 hours of operation. Using a wireless communication module, the gadget connects to various devices, for example, an air flow controller in cylinders, in order to display the relevant information on the screen. The Scubapro has 2GB of memory and can record up to 10, 000 dive profiles.

External controls allow you to switch between different modes of operation and display a ton of useful information. Depending on the dive settings, this may include maximum depth reached, current depth, dive time, non-stop time, compass data, gas reserve, rate of descent / ascent, water composition, temperature, GPS signal, etc. The cost of a mask with a screen in the basic configuration is $ 1399.