Gerber launches Prybrid Utility knife with seven built-in tools

Gerber has developed the new Prybrid Utility knife, adding seven additional attachments, all of which fit neatly into one compact handle.

The Prybrid Utility is 10.8 cm long, 3.17 cm wide, and weighs 82 grams. The knife is designed to be used as a multifunctional tool. It has a standard retractable blade on one side, and on the other, various mounting accessories, such as removing nails, stripping wires and loosening bolts. In addition to them, a sling cutter is built into the handle.

Gerber also offers a smaller version of the knife, the Prybrid X. With the same functionality as the Prybrid Utility, it costs less and comes with a paracord cord wrapped around the handle for a stronger grip.

The Prybrid Utility is priced at $ 25 and the Prybrid X is $ 23.