Flite has updated its "flying surf" Fliteboard

Hydrofoil electrosurfs are a relatively new type of water sports equipment designed for thrill-seekers. Unlike regular surfboards, they don't need high waves.

Flite launched its first electric surfboard - Fliteboard - in 2018 and managed to sell over 1000 units worldwide. The device is powered by a brushless electric motor capable of speeds up to 45 km / h. Dimensions: 152 x 65 cm, weight - 22-28 kg.

Fliteboard is controlled by a wireless remote control. The built-in battery provides work on one charge for one and a half hours. Battery charging time is 2-3, 5 hours.

The company recently released a free smartphone app that gives users the ability to track distance traveled, speed, roll, ride height, power and battery parameters.

Fliteboard prices start at $ 12, 935.