Ebörd solar table will charge multiple gadgets at once

Recently, more and more gadgets have been released that are designed for wireless charging. However, chargers, as a rule, are special "single" stands, themselves need electricity.

Spanish startup Proton New Energy Future has developed a table-shaped Ebörd device with a built-in wireless charger on its surface, designed to charge multiple gadgets at the same time. Ebörd is not connected to the mains, but it can be "powered" by the energy of the Sun and even from indoor lighting.

Externally, Ebörd looks like modern Ikea-style furniture. However, a lot of modern technology is hidden under the darkened glass surface. Typically, headset items with built-in wireless charging surfaces have one or two charging coils located directly at the charging points. Ebörd has more than 50 such coils, which allows you to charge up to four devices at the same time, anywhere.

Ebörd uses a Qi charging platform. This means that its "clients" can be the latest generations of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, as well as Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL, flagship phones from Sony, Nokia, LG, smart watches, tablets, headphones and other devices.

The surface of the “solar” table is covered with a thin-film photovoltaic panel capable of collecting sunlight and “sending it for storage” into a 10 Ah battery. Specialists from Proton New Energy Future have developed a special membrane based on a protein of marine bacteria, which increases the performance of solar modules by 60% in low light conditions, in particular, with indoor electric lighting.

Ebörd can be used as a regular table: it is quite robust and waterproof. One of the two premium models features cool LED lighting, while the other features an acoustic wireless surround system.

On Indiegogo, the base Ebörd model is already available to order for $ 450 and the premium version for $ 570. The estimated retail price will be 40% higher. The start of sales is scheduled for November this year.