Mousegun gives PC shooters a new flavor

The Chinese company Ragnok has developed a new kind of gamepad designed only for shooters - games with shooting and first-person view. It was based on the concept of an old vertical joystick, which was placed in a new body, repeating the silhouette of the handle of the legendary Desert Eagle pistol. According to the developers, the player should feel a "confident weight" in his hand, as if holding a real weapon.

However, Mousegun still remains a mouse that needs to be moved around the table, otherwise the system will not be able to track the movement of the cursor. The sensitivity of the optical sensor is 3200 dpi, the handle has a special extension at the bottom for greater stability. The device is wireless and is powered by an 800mAh battery.

Mousegun is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers, its buttons are strictly symmetrical. The scroll wheel has moved back, and the main button has acquired new mechanics. It simulates the trigger movement as accurately as possible, including feedback and cut-off when firing. The second button is located below and its purpose is questionable - it is not very convenient to use it, but it is well suited for programmable commands.

Mousegun will be launched on the market in a combined scheme. Since the device is already ready, you can pre-order for $ 118 and wait for the next small batch to be released. In parallel, the project will be presented on the Indiegogo platform to raise funds for launching a startup and a quick exit to mass production, with a price reduction to $ 59.