North Focals - an example of successful smart glasses

"Smart" glasses are still very far from perfect. In 2013, Google relied on Google Glass smart glasses, but, unfortunately, the project turned out to be a failure. The sad experience of Google was almost repeated by Apple. However, not everything is so hopeless.

The American company North has presented its version of smart glasses called Focals. Users have already appreciated their technical merits, in particular, the presence of the Internet service Spotify. Glasses can be controlled even when the display is off using a special Loop ring with a small joystick.

Loop gives you the ability to skip to the next song or rewind music, as well as play tracks and pause. Focals offers users the shortest routes to their intended places of visit, and also suggests possible delays along the way.

Another important feature of North Focals is Rewind. With it, users will be able to record speeches at business meetings, and later receive an e-mail with transcripts and access to audio.

Plus, with their help, you can view instructions, weather information and perform other operations - for example, control your "smart" home using the Alexa function. The glasses connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and support Android and iOS.

The standard version of North Focals costs about $ 600 over the counter and $ 800 over the counter. In addition, 3D scanning will be required to customize smart glasses for a specific user, for which you will have to go to specialty stores in New York or Toronto.