The Baby Cube helps you create the perfect office environment

The team of Professor Abass Kuzani of Australia's Deakin University has developed a device called the Cube Comfort Monitor. However, the testers immediately called it "Baby cube" (children's area), which reflects the essence much more accurately. The fact is that an ordinary office worker, like a baby, cannot always reasonably complain about discomfort in the workplace.

The worse the working conditions, the lower the labor productivity, but many workers tolerate them for fear of being fired. Others do not always understand what is bothering them - either lack of fresh air, or excessive heat, or noise from neighbors. The Cube Comfort Monitor is designed to be installed on every workstation in the office. It monitors temperature, humidity, air quality (CO 2 and other volatile organic compounds), light intensity, color temperature of that light, and sound level. The data is sent to the cloud storage for further processing.

The authors of the technology believe that a competent leader will be able to understand, based on data on working conditions, where there are gaps in the organization of the work process. Abstract indicators on indicators of household devices are not exactly what a real person feels, plus the premises are different everywhere and the working conditions in them are also different. And with specific information on hand, it is much easier to organize redevelopment or agree on a budget for the purchase of a new split system or soundproofing.

Currently, the Cube Comfort Monitor is being tested in 15 buildings of the university itself, and if successful, the commercial version of the device may appear by the end of this year.