Garmin launches its own line of smartwatches for avid travelers

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Garmin brand is launching a new line of smart watches. There are five models in the range, each with an integrated GPS module, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and oximeter for measuring oxygen levels. Garmin promises between 28 hours and 12 days of battery life, depending on how actively you use these features.

The Marq Aviator is designed for the aviation industry and those who love flying. There is support for special types of cards, with the ability to work simultaneously in different time zones and airport codes. Plus access to data from weather radars.

The Marq Driver model is for motorists. It is made in a lightweight titanium case so as not to interfere with driving. The memory of the gadget contains detailed data on 250 of the most famous race tracks around the world, functions for calculating the average speed of movement and a racing timer are available.

The Marq Captain model is useful for travelers on the water. The watch is resistant to moisture and contains an extensive set of digital navigation tools, including data on ports, current weather, maritime traffic, tide charts, and more.

The Marq Expedition is for experienced travelers. It has an integrated barometer, altimeter, compass and climbing app. Contains a large stock of topographic maps in memory. It uses a special wear-resistant strap as a bracelet.

The Garmin Athlete will delight fitness enthusiasts. There are not many functions in it, but this watch is the most unpretentious in operation in the entire model range. And the cheapest - only $ 1500, while the price tags for others reach $ 2500. The Garmin Marq watch will go on sale in the second quarter of this year.