Campal ForTwo - a picnic that is always with you

The British company Campal was the first to bring to life the idea of ​​a full-size outdoor recreation area, which is located on the chassis of a small minivan. There is a table, and seating, a sofa for sleeping, and a set of lockers for supplies and useful utensils. There is exactly one minus - there is not much room inside the new ForTwo.

One of the main features of the model is its transformable habitable zone. By manipulating the table and sofa sections, you can create a classic dining room, a split seat, an expansive 180 cm bed or a circular relaxation area. The maximum volume is limited by the dimensions of the minivan body - two people can comfortably accommodate here.

The pull-out kitchen has a built-in gas stove, a sink, fasteners for a garbage bag, an integrated storage for products. Here you can mount many additional elements, for example, a wind barrier for a stove or a convenient tap-attachment for a water tank. True, for a fee - a basic camping kit for Campal ForTwo costs $ 1400 and weighs about 45 kg, it can be installed in many compatible minivans. And quickly dismantle in order to use the van for its intended purpose.

There is also a smaller version of the set, with the characteristic name Campal ForOne, which is intended for single users. It costs $ 950 and has a slightly smaller size and a more ascetic kitchen design. There is also a Plus version in development for the large company, and Campal offers tailor-made solutions for camping enthusiasts.