Helite Introduces Airbag Cycling Vest

According to the French company Helite, up to 40% of severe injuries sustained by cyclists are in the chest and another 25% in the spine. Based on this, the company's specialists have developed a B'Safe vest with an air cushion function for bicycle lovers. The novelty was presented at CES-2019.

B'Safe consists of two parts: a safety vest and an electronic unit that fits under the bike saddle. The vest responds to two types of accidents.

In the first case, the accelerometer of the electronic unit is triggered, which activates the motion sensor integrated into the vest. If the sensor detects a fall from a bicycle, it activates a cartridge filled with CO 2, from where the gas instantly fills the vest's airbag. The whole process takes only 80 milliseconds.

In the event of a fall, for example, on a slippery road, the motion sensor in the vest will also react to a sudden change in the position of the cyclist and trigger the system. The vest battery lasts for a week, and the electronic unit battery lasts for five years.

The B'Safe vest will be available in two colors - black and yellow with reflective piping. In Europe and the United States, it will be available in the spring for $ 700.